Dewachen Retreat - Tabo

Hotel Dewachen Retreat - Tabo

Hotel Dewachen Retreat at Tabo is a deluxe hotel located in the ancient village of Tabo also know for the oldest monastery"Tabo Monastery" in Spiti. According to the inscriptions reflects Tabo monastery was founded by the Ancestors of Bodhisattva; the Purang-Guge’s king Ye-shes od. Motivated by the thought of enlightment, Byang-chub-od restored this monastery according to the biographical information by Ye-shes-od and Rinchen Zangpo, the monastery was probably built in AD 996.

The retreat offers one of the most beautiful accommodation in Tabo with comfortable rooms with attached bathroom and running hot & cold water. Overlooking the Tabo monastery from the windows of the rooms.

Glimpse of Hotel Dewachen Retreat at Tabo

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About Tabo

Located at 3050 meters above sea level north of river satluj, Tabo is one of the most beautiful villages in Spiti valley and home to the most ancient monastery.

Places to see around Dewachen Retreat Tabo:
  • Traditional tea as hospitality at Mr. Rajender’s house with family. Experience the local mood and atmosphere and feel at home here
  • Lari dupuk (ancient meditating place)
  • Rock carving
  • Gue Mummy
  • Dankar
  • Lalung Ser-khang ‘The golden chamber”
  • Kungri monastery (Pin)
  • Gang Chumik trek
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